Referinghausen lies between Willingen und Winterberg and is 30 km form the highway.

Referinghausen is an ideal base for walkers, cyclists and motorcyclists. In the winter a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Willingen and Winterberg are 10 km away, but the nearest piste is just 3 km. The bakery and small supermarket can be found at less than 3 km and in Medebach (10 km) are great shopping facilities. 
From the house you can make several walks through the woods. 

The Sauerland is eminently known as a walking country. Typical of the landscape are seldom really steep hills, forests and lakes. There is a whole network of bicycle routes through the Sauerland. Sauerland is also a ski area. The number of lifts is about 130. In municipalities Winterberg, Winterberg, Willingen and Bigge-Olsberg downhill slopes. In the resorts you will also jumps, bob and toboggan runs (summer toboggan run in Winterberg and Willingen), skating rinks and opportunities for tours with confused and dog sleds. Sauerland is perfect for cross country skiing there are over one thousand kilometers of trails.

The caves belong to the major attractions of the Sauerland. The most famous caves are the Dechenhöhle at Lethmate, Attahöhle Attendorn, the Balver Kulturhöhle and Reckenhöhle in Balve, Heinrichshöhle in Hemer, Bilsteinhöhle and Liethöhle in Warstein and Tropfsteinhöhle in Wiehl. Winterberg is a mountain bike park. For water sports, you can visit the following reservoirs: the Agger, Bigge, Sorpe, Möhne, Henne, Diemel, Eder and Twistesee. You can go swimming, sailing, windsurfing, rowing, canoeing and diving. Water skiing is possible in the Edersee. The major theme parks include Fort Fun Adventure Land in Bestwig-Wasserfall, the show park at the Karl-May-Festspiele in Elspe and the Panorama Park Sauerland in Oberhundem. Korbach is a large indoor adventure, LaLeLu, for young and old (2200m2). The smaller are the Wild and Fairytale Park near Willingen and the Bird Park in Eckenhagen. There is a subtropical wave pool (indoor) at the Center Parcs in Medebach. The wildlife parks can be found in: Hemfurth-Edersee: a beautiful forest which includes wolves, lynxes, wild sheep and raccoons living, open all year, with a large playground and restaurant. Arnsberg Vosswinkel: with fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, foxes, badgers, organizes walks where the guest extensive acquainted with nature and wildlife, and nocturnal walks through the park. Open daily. Wildpark Völlinghausen the Möhnesee: deer, many species of ducks, pheasants, herons and fowl. Open daily. Wild-und Freizeitpark Willingen and the Panorama Park Sauerland in Oberhundem, both parks are some tame animals. Worth seeing cities eg Korbach and Frankenberg. Final Arolsen (birthplace Queen Emma) and finally to the Waldeck Edersee with the museum are worth a visit.

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